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    Dr. Keith Nguyen, DDS
    Pro Dental Group
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    Jay Polson, Owner
    Granite Transformations
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Made in America/Made in Japan

"At Made in America/Made in Japan, Sacramento Direct Mail has increased our business due to what I believe to be is the local touch it has. We will continue to advertise with Sacramento Direct Mail in the future. Thanks for a job well done!"

David E. Storey
Owner, Made in America/Made in Japan

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  • I came accross this marketing article today as I was researching statistics on what the consumers ACTUALLY WANT (yes it matters) and can not have better expressed the current small business owner mindset in advertising right now as is done in this article by Amie Peters so I am simply
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  • The chart below give you a 10 year look at advertising spend for direct mail, newspapers and internet. The results are not what you may think based on the headlines you see so often. “Print is dead!” “Print is a dinosaur””It’s all about the internet now”…and on and on to
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  • #3 Percentages Off (10% off, 15% Off, 30% Off): This is generally the worst type of direct mail offer you can do. The reason is that the value must be calculated and depending on the consumers knowledge of your services this may not even be possible. This leads to your
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